Until Justice Just Is

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Letter from the YWCA Board of Directors

Encouraging you to let our mission be yours

In 1946, the YWCA began working for integration throughout the entire national organization, adopting an “interracial charter” that established that “wherever there is injustice on the basis of race, whether in the community, the nation, or the world, our protest must be clear and our labor for its removal vigorous and steady.”

That work culminated in the addition of “elimination of racism” to our mission statement in 1970. It is our goal to foster opportunities to engage in open dialogue about race and racism, increase awareness, build coalitions, and transform inequities.

We call on all to pledge to be part of the solution to racial inequities in our country and to join the YWCA in advocating for peace and justice for all.


Amanda Gorman, Poet Laureate




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