Summer Donations, Double Your Impact!

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Spring and early summer are a favorite time of the year at the YWCA because they are a season of renewal and growth. A time in which hope blossoms and grows into something beautiful and strong, just like the women and children at the YWCA.  Our goal is to provide somewhere safe for them to come to escape violence in their homes and a place where they are nurtured and supported to build rewarding violence-free futures.

You help women like “Jessica” and her children, read “Jessica’s” Story here

With your help, “Jessica” is free from abuse for the first time in her adult life. But there are still many more women and mothers struggling, and that’s why we are reaching out today.

When you give to YWCA this June, you can choose one of several urgent options or indicate your donation should go to the greatest need.

  • Shelter Stay  – You provide 24/7 emergency safe shelter as well as food.
  • Children’s Programs & Summer Fun – You provide children with trauma-informed care to help them break the cycle of violence. And provide summer enrichment fun.
  • Racial Justice Advocacy – You help eliminate racism by supporting the YWCA’s anti-racism advocacy efforts, including Stand Against Racism.
  • Economic Empowerment – You help women achieve self-sufficiency through financial literacy and job readiness training.