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Time to Bloom!

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The life-changing services at the YWCA would not be possible without your generosity and support. Your gift helps those we serve find hope for a bright future, strength to overcome challenges, and the opportunity to find happiness in life. Thank you for your generosity and for helping our women and children bloom! We are excited to announce a match this year during our summer donation time. Make your donation early to be sure your gift is matched.

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Survivors often tell us the most significant reason they finally reached out for help is because of their kids. Women like Amy:

“I met my husband and my children’s father when I was twenty-three. I quickly fell in love, and I saw him as my knight in shining armor for the first four years of our marriage. Life seemed perfect until…it wasn’t. While I was pregnant with our second child, I started to see significant changes in our marriage. Over time he became increasingly abusive to me, both verbally and emotionally. He humiliated me in front of my children, calling me names and putting me down. He told them I was stupid and a bad mother, and he made himself out to be the good parent, the fun one. It had the effect of isolating me from his love and the love of our kids. But that wasn’t enough for him.

It seemed he wanted to completely isolate me by suggesting I not work outside the home, so I could better take care of him and the kids. At first, I thought it was a good idea, but eventually, I realized it was all part of power and control. By not working, I had no financial power at all, and since he earned the money, he controlled every dime.

I even had to ask for money to buy food for our children, and if I spent a dollar more than he said, I was in trouble. I felt trapped and believed the only way to make my life better was to try harder to make him happy.

That was the plan until one incredibly frightening night when it became clear that if I did not get away from him, he would kill me, and my children would grow up without their mom. After the police took him away that night, reached out to the YWCA for help to change my life and the lives of my precious children.

It’s been over a year since that horrible night, and what a relief it is to go to bed at night and know that my children and I are safe. Through family counseling and case management, I put the pieces of my life back together. As a result, I know so much more about domestic violence and why it can be so hard to break away from abusive relationships, and now I am teaching my children to look for the warning signs.

Every day I feel a little bit stronger. Just about a month ago, through the YWCA’s self-sufficiency program, I got my own home, a place for my kids and me to continue this remarkable journey. I can’t express what it feels like to hear them laugh and play. It brings tears to my eyes, and I am so very grateful for the help we’ve received.”   Amy, Former YWCA Resident