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run, jane, run and Covid-19

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Dear Golf Friends and YWCA supporters:

We wanted to play golf. We wanted to laugh, have fun, and be together. But we’ve made a decision that we think is in everybody’s best interest, and that is to cancel the 2020 Run, Jane, Run golf tournament, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t worry – we’ll start planning for next year right away, and it will be as much fun as ever. Circle August 23, 2021 on your calendar and tell your friends and teammates to plan for a great day. Women and children in our community need you. And, we all need Run, Jane, Run and the YWCA.

We can probably all survive a year without coming together for this great event. However, the YWCA will definitely be hit hard without the funds that our golf tourney normally raises. We have an idea of how we can offset the loss of registration fees, corporate donations, raffle sales, etc. Why don’t we all send in our registration fee anyway? Please consider this special contribution. When we ask each other if we played in 2020 RJR, the answer will be pretty special: “Yes I did. In fact, I was part of the winning team”. Please go online here to donate.

Thank you for the many years of support you have given to one of our community’s most important resources – our YWCA. We look forward to being together next year.

Sincerely,  Muffet McGraw, Tricia Sloma, and Sally Derengoski

PS. If you make your contribution during June 2020, your gift will be part of a matching gift program that is already taking place for the YWCA. That means your $90 gift will equal $180. Thank you for making your gift when it can count twice as much!