Childcare Renovations

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Childcare Renovations

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A 7-year-old girl is using her love of reading to help those who are less fortunate.

She started an online fundraiser to try and raise money for a new children’s classroom for the YWCA.In June, 16 News Now introduced viewers to Olivia Kruyer, who goes to the YWCA of North Central Indiana once a month to read to kids.

The donations exceeded $5,500, allowing the YWCA to open a refurbished reading room.

“Olivia did her first fundraising project which was our popsicles and popcorn stand at our garage sale,” said Sarah Rice, Olivia’s mother. “We, in total, raised over $1,000, and then we had several other donations come in and three very significant donations that took us over that $5,500 mark. So, what you see here today is the culmination of many donations.”

The new classroom features upgraded bookshelves, chairs, rugs and flooring.

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