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YWCA and County Police

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Our wonderful partnership with local police departments

On January 27th our Director of Crisis and Children’s Services, Rachel met with the St. Joseph County Police Department. This was to continue training the officers on Domestic Violence calls and services available to individuals in our community.  Our partnership with St. Joseph County Police continues to grow and we are thankful for such a great team.

If you or someone you know are victims of domestic violence, report it to police immediately! The police will assist you or anyone you know find the safe resources needed. There is help available!

Thinking about training your school, church or staff about Domestic Violence?

Topic: Domestic Violence  [General Audience]                                                                                                                                        

Description: Domestic violence and sexual assault walk into the doors of workplaces, churches, the store next door every day in the United States. This presentation defines domestic violence, provides warning signs to look for, and identifies tools to respond to signs of domestic violence.

 Topic: Domestic Violence in the Workplace [Employer/Supervisor Training]

Description: Domestic violence and sexual assault walk into the doors of workplaces every day in the United States. The pervasiveness and severity of the issue warrants the attention of employers. This presentation will define domestic violence, provide employers with the tools to address signs of domestic violence in the workplace, and identify local resources to help connect employees to needed services.

Topic: Teen Dating Violence

The numbers are shocking. 1 in 4 teens self-report physical, emotional, verbal or sexual violence each year in the United States. 11% of Indiana high school students report they had been forced to have sexual intercourse- a number much higher than the national average. Nobody wants to hear these statistics, but they cannot be ignored.

Here’s where the YWCA North Central Indiana is stepping in. Our Teen dating Violence Prevention Specialist will provide education to students in Elkhart County and St. Joseph County. This specialist will teach the danger signs of an abusive relationship and guide students to help when needed.

Please call 574-233-9491 to discuss a training tailored to your needs.