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Meet The Staff


Diane Schmeltz joined our staff at YWCA North Central Indiana in June 2010 but it wasn’t her first time working for YWCA. After graduating from Indiana University with her undergrad and master’s degrees Diane began her career as a social worker at YWCA in Lafayette. In 2010 she was working at a counseling agency helping a client look for a job when she came across the open YWCA North Central Indiana position. “I said ‘that’s where I belong,’” Diane remembered.

Diane finds her work as the Director of Clinical Services at YWCA rewarding. She is proud of the mostly female staff and the work we do, taking the mission of women empowering women to heart. The most rewarding moments are witnessing that mission trickle down to the clients we serve as they passionately support and empower one another.

Diane’s personal mission is to be a mentor for the clinicians who begin their career at YWCA. She is proud of YWCA’s reputation for hiring skilled young professionals. She enjoys sharing her passion for social work with her team and inspiring them to never lose the fire that drives them.

Certainly Diane’s fire is still burning.

She beamed with pride as she recounted a story about a woman who came to the shelter from her own hometown of Walkerton, Indiana. Diane bonded with the client as she helped her through the culture shock she experienced. Though she cried every night, with Diane’s support she made it through all 45 days of her stay and went back to Walkerton to live on her own. When she came back to visit 3 months later Diane hardly recognized her, both because of the thirty pounds she had lost and her happy demeanor Diane hadn’t seen before.

Diane is invested in ending violence against women. She and Anne Angel, the Director of our Elkhart Safe Haven shelter, regularly travel to Indianapolis to lend their expertise on primary prevention to the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s (ICADV) movement to end violence against women and girls. Diane is eager to see what affects their work will have nationally and to bring the movement to South Bend.

A grandmother to three and dog mother to one, Diane spends time with loved ones or a good book to relax and unwind, though her growing stack of library books appears daunting. She enjoys mostly philosophical or self-help books and recommends Richard Carlson’s Shortcut to Therapy to the young clinicians she mentors.

YWCA North Central Indiana is grateful to have the experience and passion of Diane Schmeltz on our team.