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Substance Use

Women's Journey Substance Use Treatment Program

 YWCA North Central Indiana recognizes the special needs women bring to treatment and the obstacles they face in early recovery. The Women's Journey Substance Use Treatment Program is specially designed for women utilizing a 16 step program of recovery and empowerment. Our program, one of only two programs in the state of Indiana that allows women to bring their children with them during treatment, has achieved documented success and has helped many women begin new lives. 

Substance use treatment includes:


  • detoxification services (by arrangement with a local provider)
  • individual and group substance use counseling
  • 45 to 60 day residential and non-residential services for children of women in treatment
  •  case management
  • childcare during programming
  • transitional housing
  • aftercare support groups
  • access to healthcare services on site
  • morning and evening classes 



Q: How do I know if my drinking or drug use is a problem?

 A: Chances are, if you have to ask yourself this question, then some type of problem likely exists.

Q: Every time I try to quit I always end up using again. Is there really a way to quit for good?

A: Everyone is different and recovering is hard work. That is why we treat every person as an individual with her own plan geared to her needs and unique substance use issues. And yes, there really is a way to quit for good.

Q: What if I want to get help but don't want everyone to know about it?

A: We understand. All treatment is confidential. You decide who, if anyone, knows about your treatment.

Q: What about the cost of treatment?

A: Most clients qualify for funding that allows us to provide treatment without cost to you. For those who do not qualify we have a very reasonable sliding scale of payment. No one will be turned away for inability to pay.

Q: Do I qualify for services?

A: All women who are least 18 years of age can qaulify for YWCA's Women's Journey Substance Use Treatment Program


Preference for treatment is given to pregnant women and women with dependent children. They are ensured access to primary medical care including:

  • referral for prenatal care
  • child care while mothers are in treatment
  • primary pediatric care including immunizations for children
  • therapeutic interventions for children in the custody of women in treatment which may address their developmental needs and issues of sexual or physical abuse or neglect

*Programming is made possible through a special grant from the Department of Mental Health & Addictions

Call YWCA North Central Indiana at 574-233-9491 to learn more about the Women's Journey Substance Use Treatment Program