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Sexual Assault

Don't try to survive sexual assault alone. Call us for free and confidential counseling.


At YWCA we understand how difficult the pain of sexual violence can be and we want to help you heal. Our "New Hope" sexual assault survivor's program provides free, confidential individual and group counseling services in St. Joseph and Elkhart counties. Our services are available to any adult who has been recently sexually asssaulted or suffered sexual assault at any time in their life

YWCA North Central Indiana is a member of Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault and provides free programs and services for adult women who are victims of sexual assault. Services include:

  • safe shelter
  • lethality assessments
  • food, clothing, and personal necessities
  • case management
    "When I came to the YWCA I was a broken woman. I needed a safe place to heal and grow. I am so much better now" read more
  • legal advocacy
  • sexual Assault counseling
  • childcare during programming
  • advocacy and referrals
  • access to healthcare services
  • outreach concerning sexual assault and date rape
  • non-residential services for male victims of sexual assault

For more information about the New Hope Sexual Assault program call 574-233-9491 or our 24 hour crisis line at


Facts & Myths

Myth: Rape is caused by the perpetrator's uncontrollable sexual desire.

Fact: Rape is an act of power and control, not uncontrollable desire.

Myth: The victim must have "asked for it" by being seductive, careless, drunk, high, etc.

Fact: No one asks to be abused, injured or humiliated. This line of thought blames the victim for what happened instead of the perpetrator who chose to commit the crime.

Myth: If you hadn't been drinking, you wouldn't have been sexually assaulted.

Fact: Alcohol is a weapon that some perpetrators use to control their victim and render them helpless. As part of their plan, an assailant may encourage the victim to use alcohol or identify an individual who is already drunk. Alcohol is not a cause of rape; it is only one of many tools that perpetrators use.

Myth: Most perpetrators are strangers to their victims. 

Fact: Most rapes are committed by someone that the victim knows: a neighbor, friend, acquaintance, co-worker, classmate, spouse, partner or ex-partner. 

Don't try to survive sexual assault alone. Call us for free and confidential counseling.